Personalized Thank You Cards

Personalized Thank You Cards

as low as $1.29 each

Evermine thank you cards are just the right size—small. So your message can be short, which is just the right length most of the time. Thank you cards are folded, and you have many styles and colors to choose from for the design on the front, plus room for your name or your message. Some styles also have a place for you to put a photo of your choice. The inside is blank for your handwritten message. You can even upload a style that you have designed, and we will print it for you on our top quality presses and luxurious paper choices. Choose a thank you card style below to get started.
NC45 Horizontal
NC44 Vertical

Step 1 - Choose a style


Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes:

  • NC45 Horizontal
  • NC44 Vertical





Elements Icon Folding Card In Wine Elements Icon

53 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Lafrenz Folding Card In Navy NEW! Lafrenz

10 colors

Bountiful Botanical Folding Card In Rose Quartz NEW! Bountiful Botanical

10 colors

39 fonts

Champagne Folding Card In Coral Champagne

2 shapes • 9 colors

Brush Edge Folding Card In Mocha Brush Edge

23 colors

39 fonts

Jules Veneer Folding Card In Deep Coral Jules Veneer

32 colors

24 fonts

Elements Folding Card In Coral Elements

36 colors

39 fonts

Swing Folding Card In Stone Swing

2 shapes • 12 colors

Film Edge Folding Card In Tuxedo Film Edge

23 colors

11 fonts

Floral Baby Folding Card In Purple Floral Baby

3 colors

Picture Perfect Folding Card In Deep Red Picture Perfect

32 colors

25 fonts

Chalkboard Folding Card In Tuxedo Chalkboard

5 colors

Elements Kraft Folding Card In Kraft Basic Elements Kraft

4 colors

39 fonts

Ombre Sunset thank you cards Chalkboard thank you cards Signature Script thank you cards Aurelian Wreath thank you cards