Custom Valentine's Day Gift Tags & Personalized Favor Tags

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valentine's day tags

valentine's day tags

  pre-punched heavy card stock, includes strings

You want to tell your special person how much you love them. Hopefully, you have a lot of people in your life you want to say this to. Make the message much clearer, and with even more joy, with your personalized Valentine's Day tags added to the package. Our heart shaped tags are specially designed for Valentine's Day, and you can get them in many lovely and fun styles and colors. You can also use personalized Valentine's Day tags for your Valentine cards that you hand out to your many loved ones. Or use them to personalize your child's Valentine treats to hand out to classmates (tine them onto little bags of candy or wrap them with a ribbon around little boxes of treats). Punch a hole in Valentine cards and tie your personalized tags onto each one. Tags are printed on one side and are blank on the back, so you have the option of writing something very special there (a special saying, the name of the person this package is for, etc.). Select one of our many Valentines Day tags below to begin personalizing.

Circles & Ovals

1.75" scallop – scallop hang tags

23 23

2" circle – circle hang tags

12 12

2.25" x 3.5" – large oval hang tags

07 07

2.25" x 1" – oval hang tags

09 09

2" x 2" – diamond hang tags

08 08

1.25" x 1.25" – small diamond hang tags

10 10
Special shapes

1.75" scallop – scallop hang tags

23 23

1.75" heart – heart hang tags

24 24

Shapes and Sizes:

  • Circles & Ovals
  • HT23

    scallop hang tags

    1.75" scallop


    circle hang tags

    2" circle


    large oval hang tags

    2.25" x 3.5"


    oval hang tags

    2.25" x 1"

  • Diamonds
  • HT08

    diamond hang tags

    2" x 2"


    small diamond hang tags

    1.25" x 1.25"

  • Special shapes
  • HT23

    scallop hang tags

    1.75" scallop


    heart hang tags

    1.75" heart






Valentine's Day Gift Tags to Add an Amazing Touch

Make your Valentine's Day events and crafty creations look truly unique with custom Valentine tags. Our personal Valentine's Day tags have been lovingly designed and given a wide palette of colors, making them perfect for any Valentine's Day occasion. Start designing yours today!

Evermine's custom Valentine hang tags are festive, bright and ready for your Valentine party. We offer many gift hang tag designs such as round, scallop, square, diamond, oval and heart shapes. And, as with all our other products, our heart-shaped Valentine gift tags come in many styles so you are sure to find one that is perfect for all your homemade gifts. Plus, you can add a personalized monogram or photo to most favor tag styles. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need! Also, don't forget to check out our amazing Valentine heart top boxes, Valentine's Day labels, personalized Valentine coasters, and romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas on our blog.

Special Note: The text on the Valentine's Day tags above is for example only. You personalize your tags with your names and words. "I Love You", "Will You Be My Valentine?", "Be Mine" or simply "Happy Valentine's Day" — you determine what you would like your message to say on your gift tags. Favor hangtags, printed on matte-coated card stock, come individually cut and ready to use in sets of 8 to 36 depending on the tag size. They come with a 5/32" hole at the top of each tag.