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waterproof labels

Custom Waterproof Labels & Stickers

beer labels
wine labels
bottled water labels

“ Quality, waterproof custom wine labels! They look fantastic. We love the custom wine labels for our wedding! The color ink on the labels match perfect and the waterproof material makes for a quality product and professional look. The adhesive works great as well! Thank you ” — Erika

Premium Waterproof Labels removable, repositionable, writeable

Our waterproof label stock is absolutely, completely, and totally waterproof. Plus, waterproof labels are removable and re-positionable (when used on glass, metal or plastic). Be sure to select "waterproof labels" as your label stock when you are placing your label order.

Advantages of waterproof labels

  • Easy to remove, and they leave no residue; you can wash your bottles and use them again.
  • Waterproof, so they hold up great underwater, in refrigerators and in humid climates.
  • Easy to reposition.
  • Printed in vivid, full color, and have a rich, smooth texture.
  • Can withstand immersion underwater for long periods of time. No softening, wrinkling or bubbling.
  • Can be stored in a damp environment like a refrigerator or a humid climate and still look great.
  • Easy to apply — they stretch a little so they will settle into slight surface changes.
  • Can be written on, erased, and re-written with Crayola washable dry-erase crayons.


  • Not guaranteed to withstand a trip through the dishwasher — although they might make it through okay.
  • Not recyclable, and take more of earth's resources to produce than paper labels.
  • Not removable from paper, cardboard, wood, leather, anything with a porous surface.
  • Are removable and repositionable ONLY on glass, metal, and plastic surfaces.
  • Will not withstand contact with citric acid, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, drinking alcohol, etc. The inks will soften and rub off.

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