$1 Wedding Favor Ideas

For A Budget-Friendly Wedding

$1 Wedding Favor Ideas from My Own Ideas #favor #wedding #budget #candy #packaging #diy #personalized #treats(Used in this project: Ballotin Favor Box Packs with Labels in Color Wash style.)

Planning a wedding on a budget, as many of us do, calls for some creativity and a little D.I.Y. Adding extra details to your special day doesn’t have to be costly. Simple favors, when packaged creatively, can still ‘wow’ your guests. To prove it, here are three darling wedding favor ideas that only cost $1 per favor!

1. Salt Water Taffy

$0.28 for 7 pieces of taffy
$0.64 for 1 ballotin favor box with personalized label
$0.09 for 10″ of ribbon
Total per favor: $1.01

Salt Water Taffy is a great gift to give, especially at a destination or beach themed wedding. I bought a 14 oz bag of taffy at my local grocery store for $2.49. I did the math to calculate that one serving of taffy (7 pieces) equaled $0.28. Next I ordered Ballotin Favor Box Packs, which include personalized labels (18 sets for $11.60), and found a roll of ribbon at my local craft store for $1.99. It all added up to $1.01 per favor (forgive the extra penny!). The taffy fit perfectly into each ballotin box and with the personalized label and matching ribbon, they turned out beautiful.

$1 Wedding Favor Ideas from My Own Ideas #favor #wedding #budget #candy #packaging #diy #personalized #treats

2. Powdered Donuts

$0.33 for 3 mini powdered donuts
$0.33 for 1 small window tin-tie bag
$0.35 for 1 personalized scallop label
Total per favor: $1.01

Powdered donuts are sure to be a crowd pleaser. One 8 oz box of mini donuts cost $1.67 at my local grocery store. Again, I looked on the box to see how many donuts equaled 1 serving (3 donuts), and packaged them up in small window tin-tie bags (12 bags for $4.00). I decorated each bag with a personalized scallop label (20 labels for $7.00). The total cost per favor was $1.01.

$1 Wedding Favor Ideas from My Own Ideas #favor #wedding #budget #candy #packaging #diy #personalized #treats(Used in this project: Scallop Labels in Swing style and Small Window Tin-Tie Bags.)

$1 Wedding Favor Ideas from My Own Ideas #favor #wedding #budget #candy #packaging #diy #personalized #treats

3. Photo Chocolate Bars

$0.33 for 1 Ghirardelli Chocolate Square
$0.35 for 1 square custom photo label
Total per favor: $0.68

Ghirardelli chocolate squares are the perfect way to treat your guests. I purchased a package of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate squares for $3.99 at my local grocery store (with 12 squares per package). You can also check out the Ghirardelli website, for bulk chocolate options. A square label (20 labels for $7.00) fits perfectly onto one square of chocolate. Choose the Custom style and upload your own photos of you and your soon-to-be partner. Choose a few of your favorite photos and mix them around each table at your reception. The total cost per chocolate favor was only $0.68.

$1 Wedding Favor Ideas from My Own Ideas #favor #wedding #budget #candy #packaging #diy #personalized #treats(Used in this project: Square Photo Labels in Custom style.)

$1 Wedding Favor Ideas from My Own Ideas #favor #wedding #budget #candy #packaging #diy #personalized #treats


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  1. Angie says

    As for the photo chocolate squares….I had 200 save the dates with the wrong information on them! (Thank goodness the company replaced them for me for free!…even though it was MY error!!) They each had 2 photos on each of them. This gave me 400 photos to use (and very tired hands from cutting!) Ghirardelli.com has an 80 count bag for $23 (when you buy 3 or more) I got 3 80-count bags (240 pieces total) for $23 each, PLUS found a coupon online for 20% off…bringing my Ghirardelli total to $55.20. My grand total for 240 custom photo chocolates (not including the photos…they were kind of free, lol) came to 23 CENTS EACH!!! OOMMGG!! I would have never even thought about doing something like this if not for this blog! THANK YOU!!!!

    Goes to show… 1. somethings are a blessing in disguise (like botched save the date cards) and 2. ALWAYS GOOGLE FOR A COUPON BEFORE YOU BUY! haha

    • Dorota says

      Wow awesome! I was thinking about doing the photo chocolates but with bigger sizes. I still think it would come out great and not expensive at all. I love the idea of something sweet as a gift since mostly everyone will eat it rather then buying gifts that not everyone will like.

  2. james brown says

    hello rachael im curious to know whether the jar w/candle inside also with the personlized tag is that a package deal and if what would be thee expense for this item?. hope to hear from you soon.

    i like the jar w/candle inside it and the tag wrapped around bottle.

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