Bridesmaid Invitations

One of the most fun (and most stressful) things about planning a wedding is deciding who will be in the wedding party. Asking your closest friends and loved ones to help share in your special day is both exciting and fun. We’ve seen some pretty cute ways to ask a potential bridesmaid, but this one takes the cake. Bride-to-be Sara Verdura of Dallas, Texas came up with this idea and we love it. She had custom wine labels made with photos of her with each of her prospective bridesmaids. The text reads, “Another question to be popped: Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Sara’s friends all enjoy wine and champagne, so she bought a bottle for each of them. She soaked off the labels with hot water and “Goo Gone,” then added her personalized label to each bottle. Sara says, “I gave the bottles to my friends last week and they LOVED them! They all went crazy over them.”

You could do one label with a photo of the bride and groom, some custom art, or a photo of the bride herself. Or, do as Sara did and personalize each with a photo of the bride with each of her prospective attendants. And don’t let the groomsmen feel left out: give them bottles of beer with personalized labels asking them to be in the wedding!

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  1. danielle says

    I love this idea! i need mine by sat and i went on the website to order but i have nine girls in my bridal party and need these labels with the same saying but 9 different pictures, but it says i need to order 24 labels of the same picture for 16 dollars. how else can i do this without ordering all these labels of the same photo and spening 16 dollars times by 9??? please help asap!!!!

  2. Anne says

    I LOVE this idea too!!!! I cannot seemto find a website that allows me to create labels with different pictures (i.e. I have 5 bridesmaids and would use a different picture for 5 different bottles). All the websites I see you have to order at least 12 labels of one picture….so I woudl have to order 12×5 or 60 labels. I only need 5! Any ideas of a website to use or a do-it-at-home way?


    • says

      We do our best to offer low minimum quantities, but unfortunately we are unable to print just one label. I would suggest using one of our label styles that doesn’t include a photo, that way you could use the same label for all of your bridesmaids-to-be. Or you could use a photo of you holding a sign that says, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”


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