Havdallah Spice Blend Wedding Favor

Havdallah Spice Blend Favors #wedding #favor #label #jar #personalized(Used in this project: Fancy Labels in Henna style.)

What more could make a daughter feel fulfilled, than to see her own mother happy and full of joy. It’s amazing how life’s journey leads us to new places, new situations, often challenge and hopefully miracles. After 4 years since my father passed away, my mother is to remarry in November. A blessing from above, no doubt, I am thrilled and grateful by this beautiful kindness, this miracle of happiness, comfort and partnership.

I have so many ideas and plans to add little touches to the special wedding day, and of course the favors to give to guests is always my favorite! Here I have personalized spice jars with a beautiful happy looking sunburst label with the names of the new couple and a little note, thanking the guests for sharing in this happy occasion.

Havdallah Spice Blend Favors #wedding #favor #label #jar #personalized

The spice jars are filled with an aromatic Havdallah spice blend, customarily used at a ceremony upon the end of the Sabbath on Saturday night. Havdallah is a prayer that symbolizes and blesses the separation between the holy Shabbat (Sabbath) and the mundane weekdays. On Shabbat we each possess an “added soul.” Now that this extra measure of vitality and spirituality departs from us, we rejuvenate ourselves by smelling spices — smell being the most spiritual of the five senses.

Havdallah Spice Blend Favors #wedding #favor #label #jar #personalized

Guests will enjoy this gift as a memory of this special miracle of marriage. The spice and spirit of life. May the new couple be blessed with many happy and healthy years together. Forever.

Havdallah Spice Blend Favors #wedding #favor #label #jar #personalized

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