How To: Pinwheel Bouquet & Boutonniere

Pinwheels are a fun, simple way to add a handmade feel to your special day. They are easy to make and very versatile. Coordinate them with your wedding colors by choosing decorative papers that fit your theme.

Supplies Needed:
• Decorative paper (single or double sided)
• Personalized Pinback Buttons
• Paper Straws
• Bakers Twine
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Scotch Tape
• Glue Stick
• Pencil

Step One: Cut your decorative paper into four inch squares. I used a double-sided scrapbook paper. But you can also use two sheets of single-sided paper and glue them together back-to-back. Once your paper is cut, use a ruler and pencil to draw two lines (corner to opposite corner).

Step Two: Using scissors, cut along the diagonal pencil lines towards the middle stopping at about 1/4″ from the center. Repeat with other three corners. Fold each corner towards the middle, securing with a small piece of tape.

Step Three: Attach a pinback button to the center of the pinwheel by carefully poking the pin through to the back of the paper. Before poking it back to the front of the pinwheel, add a small piece of bakers twine, approx. 4″ long (see photo below). Use the attached bakers twine to tie the pinwheel onto a paper straw, creating a stem.

Tip: To make a boutonniere, skip the paper straw step. You can attach the pinwheel to a jacket with another small pin back.

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