Mason Jar Candle Wedding Favors

(Used in this project: Scallop Labels and Heart Tags in Provencale style.)

Making mason jar candles is as easy as melting wax and pouring it into a jar with a wick. There are a few tips and tricks along the way that I will share with you, but never fear, this project is suitable for even a beginner crafter. Imagine a fun afternoon with the bridesmaids making a few hundred candles for an outdoor wedding. Pick your scent to personalize the candle then dress them up with fabric, tulle, raphia and of course, some beautiful labels!

Mason Jar Candles
Makes 12 x 100g Soy Candles

• 1200 g soy wax
• 12 waxed wicks with tabs
• Candle scent

Additional Materials
• Heat proof 100g canning jars
• A double boiler
• Hot glue gun
• Thermometer
• Crayon pieces or wax dye (optional)

1. Prepare your jars by adding a bit of hot glue onto the bottom of the wick tab and press it firmly into the center of your container. If your fingers won’t fit into the jar, use a pen or straw around the wick to stick the tabs down.

2. Assemble your double boiler and add wax to the top pot. Heat over medium heat until the wax is completely melted.

3. If you are adding colour, add at this stage by dropping in bits of crayon or wax dye until you are happy with the look keeping in mind it will be lighter and more opaque when dry. If you prefer a more natural looking candle like the ones shown in this post then no colour is needed.

4. When the wax reaches 140°F it’s time to add the fragrance. Pour in 5ml per 1lb of wax and stir well to mix.

5. Cool wax to 110°F and carefully pour into jars. Prop up the wicks with a chopstick or clothes pin to keep them centered.

6. Wrap a towel around the outside of the jars and set aside to cool. Be careful not to disturb the candles too much while they set. Cooling slowly and completely will create the best looking candles. If you get a depressed area around the wick when cooled, warm up some more wax and pour it into the void or re-melt the top using a heat gun.

7. Trim the wicks to ¼” above the wax.

8. Allow your candle to cure for 48 hours undisturbed before burning. When you fire it up, let the candle burn so that there is a full, wide pool of wax before you blow it out. It is said that candles have a memory, so it’s best to let the first burn set the tone for all the rest.

The instructions are simple as can be, but if you don’t have a candle supply or craft store nearby, it could be hard to find the wicks and wax. If your local search has come up empty, there are these candle making kits available in the Garden Therapy Handmade Shop that will make the candles shown in this post.

Used in this Project:


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  1. Brittany says

    Where did you get this fabric at?? I have been looking everywhere for this type of fabric in coral, and can’t find it anywhere!

  2. says

    Hi Brittany, sorry to write this but it was part of a huge bag of vintage fabric I bought second-hand. I wish I could help but I haven’t seen it elsewhere. It is a medium weight poly I believe. I think I would actually have liked a lighter fabric for this project as it would be easier to secure onto the canning lid.

    I suggest that you could likely find a nice quilting cotton that would likely come in coral. I found this one online that might work…although I haven’t seen it in person:

  3. says

    Hi Jackie, I ordered them right here from My Own Labels! Scroll up to the Helpful Links title and the links to the labels I used are right there. I’m so glad that you like them.

  4. Jessica says

    What size are the fabric squares? Or are they circles? I am making these for my own wedding and need to know how much fabric to purchase. Thank you!!!

  5. Simone says

    I’ve had a look at My Own Labels and wonder – did you make a special request for the labels to turn out like they did? ie. with the fancy green bit on your labels? The pics on the website look like the labels are plain. Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Simone,

      Here is the link to the labels used in this project:

      All orders are are individually styled by our production designers to ensure that they will look balanced and beautiful when printed. You can also contact our customer service to request a sample pack so you can see the quality of our products first hand. Call 1-888-412-5636 or email

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

  6. Wendy Thomson says

    Hi there, these are beautiful! I was wondering what is it you have used to tie the fabric on to the jar and did you cut out the fabric into circles or squares (may be obvious, sorry) and have you put another layer of lace material underneath? Thank you!

  7. says

    Hi Wendy,

    I cut the fabric in large circles, then trimmed it to fit when attached to the lid. I used tulle under the fabric and raffia to tie it on. I hope this helps!

  8. Dagmar says

    Hi! I was just wondering about what it comes down to costing per candle. Please get back to me! Thanks so much. Also how much wax did you get?

  9. says

    Hi Nicole, I didn’t make these to sell, but I have sold kits to make them in the past. Please send me a message to stevie@gardentherapy,ca if that is what you are looking for.

  10. Emma says

    I have never used soy candles and was wondering about the fragrance. Do they have any kind of smell or could you add some kind of extract or oil?

  11. says

    Aileen – it’s raffia.
    Emma – I use essential oils but you can buy candle fragrance as well. The measurement is listed step #4. Soy wax has no odor but beeswax smells deliciously like honey.


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