Packaged Tea Tins

Tea Tin Gifts from My Own Ideas blog(Used in this project: Petal Labels in French Market style and Wide Labels in Treasury style.)

This is a beautiful way to give hand-picked or hand-blended teas, packaged in sturdy tea tins and labelled with your brand.

Time: Thirty minutes to make 12 tea tins (once you have materials gathered). To harvest and dry the leaves for your tea can take up to a week; active time includes several hours collecting, laying out, gathering.

Tea Tin Gifts from My Own Ideas blog

First, gather your tea – either by drying your own hand-picked leaves, or by purchasing teas and herbs in bulk and hand-mixing them.

Then, fill the tins. Tap them lightly to help settle the leaves, then fill again to the top. Tap again and fill, and repeat until the leaves are fully settled.

Lastly, add labels to the top and sides of the tins. They are ready to give!

Tea Tin Gifts from My Own Ideas blog

Packaging Supplies:
• Tins from Specialty Bottle (I used TSQ2 tea tin)
• Personalized labels. I used the new petal shape for the lids and wide labels for the sides.

For more information on tea, details on types of teas or how to gather your own leaves, go to my earlier blog post on how to make your own tea and package it as tea bag favors.

Tea Tin Gifts from My Own Ideas blog

Used In This Project:

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