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Yearbook Stickers

Have your friends "sign" your yearbook
even when they can't do it in person.

Yearbook message stickers

It's fun and easy to get your yearbook signed — and still keep your social distancing. Yearbook Stickers are specially designed to make it happen. Just ask friends and teachers to send you their message through email, text, or social media, then put the messages on these stickers for your yearbook. You can even change fonts and colors on every sticker to reflect the personality of each person!

Self-adhesive square stickers come 20 per sheet; larger rectangular stickers give you 15 per sheet. $9.99 per sheet, one message per sticker.

square yearbook message stickers

Square Message Stickers

20 stickers per sheet for $9.99

Perfect for shorter messages

up to 600 characters in 13 total lines of text.

tall yearbook message stickers

Tall Message Stickers

15 stickers per sheet for $9.99

Great for long messages

up to 900 characters in 21 total lines of text.

yearbook stickers

This quarantine due to the pandemic has shortened our senior year, canceling prom, graduation, and many other milestones ... Our yearbooks will become our most significant hard-copy mementos of high school life. — Molly A.

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